Scene rewrite through sidekick POV

“That’s it Wendy.” “No, no, Tiffany. Keep your head up.  Smile, girls, smile.” Being the cheerleader sponsor took a lot of hard work but it kept my mind busy. “Gooooooo Bulldogs! Clap, clap. Beeeeeeeeeat Wildcats.” The girls sure look like they’re enjoying themselves. I took a look around. The football players are definitely enjoying the cheerleaders. I can’t believe how skimpy they make the costumes now a days. If my Mom had seen me in something like that, I would have been grounded for a week. I sighed audibly. Mom. I still had not gotten over her untimely death. Sometimes I felt like I had to grow up too fast.

“Felicia. Feliiiicia.”

I turned back toward the stands. There was Linda, standing next to one of the barrels filled with burning wood. The coaches set up the barrels to provide heat for the spectators. It was hard to believe that autumn was already here. The cool nip in the air testified to the change in seasons.

“Felicia. Over here!”

“I’m coming. Don’t get your knickers in a bundle.” Linda’s long brown hair was bouncing up and down as she continued jumping and waving for me to join her. “Okay girls, take five.” I watched as some of the girls headed toward the bench area, others collapsed spread-eagled on the grass, huffing and puffing like I had killed them. Great. Now I’ve got grass stains to contend with.

I headed toward the stands where Linda was still jumping and waving. “Okay, I’m coming.” Patience was not one of Linda’s strong suits. At the ripe old age of 50, Linda had returned home to Edwin. Principal Stewart assigned me to be her mentor during the harrowing first year of teaching.

“Well, what do you think?” I pointed at the now giggling girls. They were staring and pointing at the ball players flexing their muscles.  Looks like they’re being “entertained.”

“Your cheerleaders are really great. The long hours you’ve put in with them has really paid off.” “Back when I was in high school, the main qualifications for cheerleader were family connections and a large set of ‘lungs’. Some of those stunts your girls are doing look like Olympic gymnastics routines. “

“Thanks Linda.” I pointed to where I saw Robert standing on the sidelines across the field. “Speaking of boys…” The muscular middle-aged man wore black parachute pants and a George Washington purple polo shirt. Robert worked as the school resource officer in his time off from his full time job as one of Edwin County’s Sheriff Deputies.

Linda’s face turned red and she pulled her hoodie up over her head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I physically grabbed Linda by the shoulders and turned her so that she faced him. Then I gave her a little push in the back. She stumbled forward.

“Dang it Felicia.”

Just then, a young woman walked up and joined Robert. Her raven black hair was pulled back in a long braid that reached down to her waist. She wore skin tight jeans and a black lacy off-the-shoulder top. She was another Sheriff Deputy, Autumn, Robert’s partner.

Linda’s turned back to face me with a sad frown. “See. She’s everywhere with him. And what’s up with that top? Reminds me of Flash Dance.”

“What’s a Flash Dance?” Sometimes Linda comes up with the strangest references. It’s like I need a dictionary to translate her “middle age speak”.  “They’re probably talking shop anyway.”

Linda waved her right arm toward the ground.“Oh Felicia, never mind.”

We heard Robert’s hearty laugh as it carried across the field. Autumn smiled and touched Robert’s hand.

“Yeah, right Felicia. That really sounds like shop. talk”

“Are you ladies going to join us at the pizza parlor after the rally?”

Linda and I turned around and saw Coach Faulkner. His face was lit up with an ear to ear grin. The young football coach wore his fall football outfit, purple wind pants and gold polo shirt with the George Washington insignia embroidered over his left breast. Wisps of wavy blonde hair curled around the edges of his purple cap. His muscular frame mirrored that of his players.

I thought it was an excellent and timely idea. Maybe we can cheer Linda up.  “Sure Gary, that sounds great.”

“Felicia, I’ll meet ya’ll there. I’ve got to get some papers from my room.” Linda started off toward the main campus.

“Wait a minute. I’ll go with you. Wait here. Just let me wrap it up with the girls.” I headed back to the field where the ball players and cheerleaders had broken up into small groups, talking and laughing.

“All right gang. Looks like this party’s breaking up. Practice Monday right after school.” “And, tell your moms to make sure the grass stains are out before putting the uniforms in the dryer. If they get set by that heat, we’ll never get them clean.” I watched as the laughing and giggling teens headed off to their cars.

“Okay, Linda. Let’s go get those papers.” I turned around to where Linda had been standing and she was gone. Good grief.  We’re Definitely going to have to work on that girl’s patience. I started off toward Linda’s trailer.


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Protected: Chapter One – Take 2

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Hubby Update

Found out today that hubby’s lungs are full of blood clots. They’ve upped the blood thinners. An oncologist finally came to see him today – he’s going to touch base with hubby’s cancer doc at OSU/James. The regular hospital doc already contacted his transplant doc at OSU last week.

I’ve been holding it together pretty well till today…the house is so empty and the critters are starting to act out. They miss him too and don’t understand why he’s not here.  😦

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My Dog Ate My Lunch!

That was Wednesday and it was my last two pieces of bread! I sat my bag next to the door while I turned off the kitchen light. When I got back to the front door, he was trying to eat the plastic wrap. He must have inhaled the grill cheese that I had just cooked (at 5 AM no less!) I finally had time to get groceries today.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has been throwing positive energy my way. Hubby had an incident a few nights ago when one of the blood clots in his lungs moved and he couldn’t breath. They moved him to the cardiac intensive care unit. :(
(flashback to when he had his heart bypass surgery, the subject of one of my miracle memoirs)

His oxygen saturation is better so he got moved to another room this morning. Still in the cardiac unit but not the intensive care part. :)

They’ve really been pouring on the blood thinners for the clots and antibiotics for the pneumonia. They can’t get a sample of the “stuff” in his lungs yet because he is so immunosuppressed. (transplant anti-rejection drugs do that, ya know)

I’m not getting much writing done…can’t concentrate. (Hopefully this will be part V of my memoirs from my husband’s medical miracles.)

Anyhow, I guess what I’m trying to say (and taking a long time to do it) is Thanks! to everyone here for the support.

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Protected: Miracle Part II cont’d

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Miracle Part II

I pulled on my Hello Kitty tank top, kicked off my crocs and climbed into bed. Dang. I must be getting old. I hurt all over. I’m really surprised that I don’t have a migraine already. I hate traveling, especially flying nowadays.

I looked over at the bedside clock. The LCD display read 10:12 PM. My eyes continued across the room to where my wheeled black suitcase leaned against the wall in the corner. I’ll get to that tomorrow. Thank goodness I’m in my own bed. Maybe I can finally get some sleep.

“Riiiing.” “Riiiing.” Phil’s watching television in the living room. He can get that call. There’s no way I’m getting out of this bed.   I could barely hear Phil talking on the phone in the kitchen but could not make out any of the words.

Suddenly, Phil flung open the bedroom door so hard it bounced off the baseboard rubber stop. Then he flipped on the light switch. I sat up and looked at my husband. His eyes were big as saucers. He looked like a crazy man.

“It’s time!”

“Phil, what’s wrong?”

“That was the University Medical Center. They’re ready for me.”

Suddenly I was wide awake. Oh my gosh. Lord, please help me be strong for Phil. We’ve waited so long for this phone call. My husband Phil survived three heart attacks and bypass surgery related to his diabetes. He had waited almost four years on the organ transplant  waiting list. Phil had the option of getting a kidney from a living donor but his mother’s health was too poor and I was not a match. This meant that he would have to get the kidney and pancreas via cadaveric donation.

I ran to the kitchen and flipped through the pages of our address book. I know it’s here somewhere. Aha. I punched the numbers into the keypad with trembling hands.

“Gabriel Aviation.”

“Yes ma’am, this is Cindy Brown. The hospital just called about my husband’s surgery. We’re ready for you to come and get us.”

“I’ll go and tell my husband.” “He’ll have to fuel up the plan. It will probably take him about forty-five minutes to get to Tri-State airport.”

“That’s fine. It will take us that long to get there anyway. My voice dropped to a whisper. I don’t have the money to give him right now.”

“Honey, don’t you worry about that right now. When things calm down, we’ll sort it all out.”

“Are you sure?”

“You’ve got more important things to worry about now. We’ll deal with that later. I just had a good feeling about you all. We’ve had you on our church prayer list since you called about using our service.”

“Thank you for being so understanding. I guess we’ll get going.”



I turned to place the cordless phone back into its cradle. There are still some good Christian people in this world. Phil’s arm reached out and snatched the phone from my hand. He had a call to make.

“Mom, they just called. We’re on our way to the airport.” “Yes, we’ll call you when we know more.  Love you, Bye.” He dropped the phone back into its cradle and headed for the bedroom.

I followed close behind him and started unpacking the dirty clothes from my suitcase. On the other side of the room, I heard Phil’s medication tinkle when he tossed the bottles into his small carry-on bag. “Come on, Phil. Hurry up.”

“I am. I am.”

“Ziiiiip, ziiiiip.“OK Honey. I’m ready.”

We tossed our bags into the back of our old car and I got into the driver’s seat. Phil was definitely too nervous to drive. I pulled out of the driveway, took the onramp to I-26 West and made a beeline for the airport. I hate driving at night, but at least there’s not much traffic.

“I can’t believe it Phil. We’re almost to the airport. We made really good time.” “Phil?” No response.  I looked over at him. He just sat rigid in the passenger seat and stared into space.

Oh no, not now. I took the next exit and pulled into a Quickie mart. I reached into the back seat and pulled out Phil’s carryon. Come on, girl. You can do this. You’ve done it before.

My hands shook as I loaded a new sharp into Phil’s lancet and a test strip into the glucometer. I reached out and grabbed Phil’s hand. “Click.” I squeezed the middle finger on his left hand till the bright red drop of blood appeared. The test strip obediently sucked up the blood sample and counted down: 9,8,7,6…”Bleep.”



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Random Name Generator

I’ve been having trouble with characters’ names. Sometimes it seems like I’ve become fixated on a certain consonant, for example:

Cindy, Kristi, Chambers, etc.

I searched around on the web and came across one that is in Excel.  Here’s the link if you’re interested:


I couldn’t find the upload link button so you’ll have to copy/paste into your browser. 😦

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